This is the course website for Prof. Al-Tikriti’s History 385 “History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict” class at the University of Mary Washington.  All guests are welcome, but civility is expected. Although only students can post on the course discussion thread, anyone can post on the “graffiti” page, and guests are also welcome to comment on student postings. Suggestions are welcome for images, articles, videos, etc. For further information, please write naltikri@umw.edu.

The very name for this course is contested,  because social relationships within Israel/Palestine are not exclusively built around conflict, and the conflict that does exist might be more accurately termed a “Palestinian-Zionist” or “Palestinian-Israeli” conflict rather than an “Arab-Israeli” conflict.   While all that may be true, when I first set this course up at UMW in 2004-05 I consciously decided to adopt the standard shorthand for such courses at U.S. universities. Now it’s rather late to change the name, and I’m not even certain what name would be a better choice.  Again, suggestions welcome.

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