al-Afkar Undergraduate Journal

 Afkar: The Undergraduate Journal of Middle  East Studies
Volume 2, Issue 1
The editorial board at
is excited to announce the
Call for Papers for the second issue of
 Afkar: The Undergraduate Journal of Middle East Studies
The deadline for submission is
February 1, 2020.
is an international, peer-reviewed, and student-run academic journal focusing on the study of politics, history, culture, and society in the Middle East and North Africa. The journal offers undergraduate students an
interdisciplinary platform to publish their academic work and welcomes manuscripts from a wide range of fields within the humanities and social sciences, including history, political science, anthropology, sociology, literature, art history, religious studies, and geography.
 For this issue, we are looking for submissions according to the following categories:
Research papers:
Research papers should be based on original research with a careful analysis of relevant primary-source material. They should be between 4,000–8,000 words and not exceed 30 double-spaced pages.
Short essays
: Short essays should provide a discussion of contemporary or historical issues in/of the region. They do not need to include an analysis of primary-source materials but should be based upon original ideas and arguments. They should  be between 1,500–3,000 words.
Book reviews:
Book reviews should provide close and critical readings of works published by scholars in Middle East studies during the last three years. They should evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the author’s argument, and situate the work within the larger literature of the subject in question. They should be between 700–1,500 words.
All manuscripts must be sent to by February 1, 2020.
note that manuscripts should conform to our submission guidelines, which can be found on our website:
 For inquiries please email
 relies on a broad definition of “the Middle East and North Africa” that includes Iran, Turkey, the Caucasus, Sudan and Mauritania. It also accepts submissions related to Muslim South and Central Asia, as well as the diasporic communities of these different regions.
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