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On a weekly basis, The Palestine Center distributes articles it believes will enhance understanding of the Palestinian political reality. The following recently published articles are worth reading.

The Jeopardy of Media Bias Against Palestine
By Mohamed Mohamed (The Palestine Center)

“‘Jeopardy!’ is an American television game show that has been on the air for decades, with nearly 8,000 episodes to date. It is a trivia competition that quizzes contestants on general knowledge, and they receive cash rewards for each correct response. In a recently broadcasted episode recorded a few months ago, one question asked where the Church of the Nativity (of Bethlehem) is located. Katie Needle, a returning champion of the game, was the first contestant to respond and she correctly said it is in Palestine. However, the show’s long-time host, Alex Trebek, told her that was incorrect. Another contestant, Jack McGuire, then gave Israel as the answer and he received the $200 reward. But Bethlehem is in fact a city in the central part of the West Bank of Palestine. It is under the effective control of an illegal, oppressive, and unjust military occupation by Israel, but it is in Palestine, nonetheless. Israel has occupied the West Bank for almost 53 years now, and with broad consensus, most countries in the world consider Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories to be illegal under international law. “

Warren’s praise of Israel, and occasional criticism, reflects liberal establishment thinking

By Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss)

“Elizabeth Warren has sought to distinguish her foreign policy stance from the Democratic mainstream on her right and Bernie Sanders on her left. Lately, she has been loading up with foreign policy advisers who worked in the Obama administration, and she has gotten the New York Times endorsement. Her very-carefully modulated position on Israel Palestine– often saying a lot without saying anything at all– appears to reflect official liberal thinking.”

Gaza photographer wounded in attack by Israeli forces loses eye

By Aljazeera

“For the second time in less than three months, a Palestinian photojournalist has lost his eye after being hit by Israeli forces during a protest. A tear gas canister hit Attiyah Darwish’s face in December 2018 while he was covering the weekly Friday protests in the Gaza Strip near the Israeli separation barrier.”

War crimes advocate advises Israeli spy firm

By Tamara Nassar (Electronic Intifada)

“Amnesty International is calling on Israel to bar a cyber warfare company from selling its technology internationally. A court in Tel Aviv heard the case against NSO Group on Thursday, which is being brought by dozens of members and supporters of Amnesty’s Israel branch. Amnesty International and New York University School of Law’s Bernstein Institute for Human Rights and Global Justice Clinic are supporting the legal action. They are calling on Israel’s defense ministry to revoke NSO Group’s export license.”

Israeli forces’ transfer of Palestinian child detainees amounts to war crime

By DCI Palestine

“Israeli authorities transferred dozens of Palestinian child detainees outside the occupied West Bank to a prison inside Israel last week, amounting to a war crime. The Israel Prison Service (IPS) transferred 33 Palestinian children on January 13 from Ofer prison, located southwest of Ramallah inside the occupied West Bank, to Damon prison, located inside Israel near Haifa, DCIP confirmed. International humanitarian law and international criminal law prohibit the transfer of persons part of an occupied civilian population outside of an occupied territory, including prisoners. “

Palestinian child in solitary confinement in Israel jail for 27 days

By Middle East Monitor

“PLO’s Committee of Prisoners and Freed Prisoners announced on Sunday that a Palestinian child, Mus’ab Abu Ghazalah, 15, from Jerusalem, has been in solitary confinement in an Israeli jail for 27 days. Abu Ghazalah was incarcerated in solitary confinement due to his rejection to be sent to the department for adult Israeli criminals.”

Abby Martin Blocked From Speaking at Georgia Southern for Refusing to Sign Pro-Israel Loyalty Oath

By Chris Menhan (Information Liberation)

“Journalist Abby Martin has revealed that she was blocked from delivering a keynote speech at Georgia Southern University for refusing to “sign a contractual pledge to not boycott Israel” to comply with Georgia’s anti-Boycott, Divest and Sanctions law. “

In West Bank, Jewish Settlers Recruit Nature to Their Mission – With the High Court’s Consent

By Amira Hass (Haaretz)

“‘What you’re doing is provocation,’ Supreme Court Justice Menachem Mazuz scolded attorney Eitay Mack this past Sunday. Mazuz was referring to a petition that seeks to annul the Umm Zuqa nature reserve and Firing Zone 903 in the northern Jordan Valley, due to discrimination against Palestinians in favor of Jewish settlers.”

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